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Week 3

Week of January 29


Faithfully Different – Natasha Crain

Chapter 8: Reaffirming Biblical Morality (pp. 153-168)

Mama Bear Apologetics – General Editor Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Chapter 8: The Truth is There is No Truth (pp. 133-146)

This week we are reading a chapter from Mama Bear Apologetics (General Editor Hillary Morgan Ferrer). This is an excellent book written by some really sharp moms to help other moms understand some of the important worldview trends and topics that our kids are facing in our culture today, and how to help raise them with a Christian worldview. This is an excellent resource for all parents, but keep in mind, the target audience is moms. If you are not a mom, you may not relate as much to certain illustrations, but the overall content is great and helpful for anyone who wants to understand our culture today. You can download this chapter at the link below!

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